Computer-assisted Lexicology and Lexicography (CompLexico)


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CompLexico is a research group initiated and led by Gede Primahadi W. Rajeg. It subsumes the two research strands in the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on the Humanities and Social Sciences (CIRHSS): (i) Indonesian Languages, Documentation and Learning (for the linguistics aspect) and (ii) Digital Humanities (for the digital and computational aspects). CompLexico is formalised by the Rector of Udayana University on 16 April 2024 (Decree no. 594/UN14/HK/2024).

CompLexico focuses on the interdisciplinary study of words/vocabularies (lexicology) and the curation of lexical databases/dictionaries (lexicography). It lies at the intersection of (i) lexicology, (ii) computational approach to language based on analysing digital language databases and corpora (i.e., corpus linguistics), (iii) electronic lexicography, and (iv) multi-methodological approaches (combining qualitative and quantitative methods using corpus and experimental data).

CompLexico aims at both pedagogical and research-related goals. Pedagogically, we strive to introduce language students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, especially at Udayana University, to a range of modern computational and corpus-linguistic software for studying lexicon and curating lexical databases. In terms of research, we aim to investigate central topics in lexicology (i.e., the study of word meaning and structure, lexicon-grammar interaction, lexical variation, and lexical relation).


I Wayan Arka (Australian National University/Udayana University; Advisory board of CIRHSS)

Ketut Artawa (Bachelor of English Literature program; the head of the Doctoral Program in Linguistics, Udayana University; Indonesian team leader for the Indonesian Languages, Documentation and Learning strand within CIRHSS)

I Made Rajeg (Bachelor of English Literature program)

Cokorda Rai Adi Pramartha (Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, Udayana University; Co-Director of CIRHSS; Indonesian team leader for the Digital Humanities strand within CIRHSS)

I Putu Permana Mahardika (Balinese language Department and Master Program in Linguistics, Udayana University)

Ni Made Ayu Widiastuti (Bachelor of English Literature program)

Putu Weddha Savitri (Bachelor of English Literature program)

External research collaborators

Karlina Denistia (English Department at the Vocational School, Sebelas Maret University, Solo, Central Java)

Prihantoro (English Department and Master Program in Linguistics, Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang, Central Java)

CHECK OUT CompLexico’s GitHub and Zenodo for the research projects and related materials.