Funding and Activities

Research and outreach activities: Research projects and other outreach activities at CIRHSS will be funded by different grants available in Indonesia through Udayana University, and in Australia through ANU, as well as other funding sources through international collaborative research. 

Regular exchange and training programs: The School of Culture, History and Language (CHL), College of Asia and the Pacific (CAP), ANU will support travel costs by an academic staff member from CHL/CAP to visit the centre in Bali to give guest lectures and undertake collaborative research on Asia-Pacific languages and cultures in Indonesia. Likewise Udayana University can provide travel support for its academic staff members to visit ANU to attend a short research and training program. 

Administrative support: CIRHSS can provide different kinds of support for Udayana’s collaborative work with ANU, including sponsorship for visa application by ANU students and staff who undertake research within the programs listed in Research and Publication.