Fees for International Conference
CategoriesFor local Indonesians (IDR)For non-Indonesians (USD)
Early BirdIDR 1,500,000USD 115
NormalIDR 1,750,000USD 170

Fees for International Master Classes and Guest Lecture
TitlesFor local Indonesians (IDR)For non-Indonesians (USD)
Indigenity, Heritage and Vernacular HistoriesIDR 500,000USD 45
Linguistic Typology and Austronesian SyntaxIDR 1,500,000USD 115
Experimental Syntax and Language ProcessingFREEFREE
Introduction to RFREEFREE

Fees for Conference Proceedings (Optional)
ItemsFor local Indonesians (IDR)For non-Indonesians (USD)
ProceedingsIDR 200,000USD 15

Note: Technical details on the payment and registration procedures will be updated here.