KONEKSI Research Collaborative Grant Awarded to CIRHSS Team

We are thrilled to announce that our application has been successful for the KONEKSI Research Collaborative Grant – Digital Transformation round. Congratulations to our dedicated team!

Our application stood out among over 600 Expressions of Interest, enduring two rigorous rounds of expert peer review by Indonesian and Australian academics. The selection was based on the technical merit of our proposal and our organization’s capacity to conduct the research with our listed partners.

The KONEKSI Secretariat has commended the technical rigour of this selection process in their second round of Collaborative Grants. This stringent process has ensured the selection of high-quality projects spanning diverse disciplines and regions. Additionally, the KONEKSI Secretariat recognized the commitment to social equality, genuine research partnerships, and the potential for policy and innovation impact in each selected proposal.

Principal Investigator:


We eagerly anticipate the impactful research outcomes and significant contributions to digital transformation that this collaborative effort will bring.