Socio-cultural Transformation

Professor I Nyoman Darma Putra
(Team Leader)
Faculty of Arts, Universitas Udayana

Indonesia is one of the world’s most bio-ethno-socio-linguistically diverse countries. It is also one of the most populous and highly dynamic democratic nations in the world, currently progressing and undergoing socio-political transformation with profound implications in the Southeast Asian region and beyond.

Research in CIRHSS on Indonesian socio-cultural transformation seeks to provide an in-depth understanding of the interconnection of global-local forces that impact people, as well as the transformations that occur within local communities, civil society and related ecologies in response to these forces. The research is done through the lens of inter-/trans-disciplinary approaches in the studies of language, history, culture, society and environment. Examples of key problems include social and demographic issues (e.g., how people and the government respond to the fast-changing local demographic make-up) and social-economic-environmental issues in relation to economic growth/prosperity and its related impact (e.g., language/culture endangerment, waste disposal and pollution management).

Our research on Indonesian socio-cultural transformation in CIRHSS is undertaken in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders (universities in Indonesia and abroad, government and non-government agencies and local communities). We leverage these collaborations to enhance local capacity through shared resources and research, enabling an in-depth understanding and proper management of the impact of socio-cultural-economic changes on the environment in Indonesia.

Past and on-going projects can be viewed here