Indonesian Languages, Documentation and Learning

Professor Ketut Artawa
(Indonesian Team Leader)
Faculty of Arts, Universitas Udayana



Professor Nicholars Evans 
(Partner ANU Leader)
ARC Centre of Exellence for the Dynamics of Language (CoEDL)
Australian National University

Our research on Indonesian languages covers different strands of linguistics and applied linguistics, from theoretical, typological, descriptive and documentary to pedagogical and acquisition.

Wayan Arka’s fieldwork on Smerky in Tomeraw, Merauke

Our research is undertaken through local and international collaboration that include a variety of stakeholders (universities, government and non-government agencies and local communities). We leverage these collaborations to enhance local capacity through shared resources and research on the front line of technological advances enabling language research, language documentation, and language learning/acquisition.

Advocacy of literacy in Merauke by Wayan Arka and Agus Mahuze

Past and ongoing language-related projects can be viewed here.